A Clean Bong is a Happy Bong

There’s nothing better than taking your brand new piece home and trying it out for the first time. That first, smooth, tasty rip and you fall in love. Very shortly after your first smoke sesh you will begin to see how quickly glass can get dirty. Let’s face it, to some degree we’re all guilty of forgetting to change the water or letting grime build up for a little too long. However, the first day of owning a piece shouldn’t be the last time you see it sparkle! There are many effective ways to ensure your piece provides a clean, smooth rip every time.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 6.00.36 PM.png

We don’t need to go through the different ways to clean your piece, a simple google search will reveal countless ways to clear that gunk. Quite possible the most popular, using isopropyl rubbing alcohol along with salt. The salt will loosen up any large chunks while the alcohol burns off any stains and leaves the glass looking great, after a few rinses you are good to go. If you want to take it one step farther we here at ASCHE INDUSTRIES sell an accessory cleaner which is naturally derived and free of all volatile organic compounds which can harbor bacteria. This great product will give your piece that extra sparkle to make it look exactly like the day you bought it

There’s a lot more to a clean bong than just a smoother hit, in fact probably the most important part, your health! Not many people know that even 22 hours after water is sitting in your bong, bacteria can begin to grow. When we smoke through a bong, particles in the water are taken into your lungs along with the bacteria that resides in it. This could lead to lung infections and a nasty cough.

So next time you go to smoke check your piece, if you think maybe you should give it a clean…DO IT! Whether it’s for the taste, the quality of the hit, your lung health, or just because you love the way a shiny clean bong looks. Enjoy and stay high, until next time.