In 2014 ASCHE Industries introduced a modern cannabis smoking accoutrement and small leather goods line to the United States market. All designed in New York City and manufactured in the USA, ASCHE Industries focuses on craftsmanship, function, and will continue to evolve with new collections, collaborations, and limited edition designs. ASCHE currently offers two shared product lines for women and men, ASCHE smoking accoutrements and ASCHE’s scent blocking leather goods.  

ASCHE’s owner and founder, Molly Kavanagh, identified that modern cannabis smokers no longer wished to purchase their accessories in typical smoke shops or bodegas. Furthermore, they care deeply about style, design, and authenticity. Thus, the idea for ASCHE was created. Splitting her time between New York City and Los Angeles, Molly is a Kansas native and has modeled with Ford Models for over 12 years. An entrepreneur with vast interest in fashion and design, Molly is a past Partner at Overbey & Dunn, the widely acclaimed West Village vintage/antique installation boutique and design gallery.